Rob Swindell

Former student and wildlife enthusiast helps establish a tower to track birds in Lorain County

Attending the 2020 俄亥俄州 Bluebird Conference in Ashland turned out to be a very good decision for Rob Swindell. He not only visited his former college, but also discovered the Motus Wildlife Tracking System. “I got the chance to see the campus and reminisce,斯温德尔说, who played baseball at Ashland in the 1980s when it was Ashland College. “I drove around and looked at the new facilities, the baseball field. 如果会议在什么地方举行……


Posner receives grant from National Eye Institute to continue lens research

俄亥俄州亚什兰——梅森·波斯纳博士.D., the Trustees’ Distinguished Professor of Biology at 葡京平台线上, 最近拿到了300美元,000 grant from the National Eye Institute of the National Institutes of Health to advance his ongoing research on eye lens development. This latest study will center on cell remodeling, eye lens transparency and cataract prevention. The project will use zebrafish, small tropical fish that build their lens in a similar way to…

Founders Hall in the spring with Dogwood blossoms

AU Dean’s List for spring 2024 includes more than 1,000 students

亚什兰, 俄亥俄州 – 葡京平台线上 is pleased to announce its Dean’s List honorees for the 2024 spring semester. 1000多名学生获得了这一殊荣. In order to be eligible for the Dean’s List at Ashland, one must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student at the university and receive a grade point average of 3.50人或以上. The students and their 首页towns can be found here.


AU graduate returns to 俄亥俄州 from Florida as president of Mount Notre Dame High School

俄亥俄州 feels like 首页 to 米歇尔•罗宾逊 almost as much as Florida, 她在哪里长大,在哪里工作了20年. That’s why she’s looking forward to returning to the Buckeye State to begin a new job in Cincinnati as president of Mount Notre Dame High School on July 1. Robinson first called 俄亥俄州 首页 in the late 1990s when she attended 葡京平台线上. “I am immensely thankful for the enduring friendships I formed at Ashland,罗宾逊说, 一个已婚……

Randy Spade被授予ESGR爱国者奖

AU Director of 招生 Randy Spade selected as a Patriot Award recipient by ESGR

亚什兰, 俄亥俄州——兰迪·斯佩德, 葡京平台线上招生办主任, was recognized with the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve’s (ESGR) Patriot Award during a ceremony at AU’s Jack W. Liebert Military and Veteran Resource Center on 5月17日. An ESGR Patriot Award is awarded to individual supervisors who contribute to “national security and protecting liberty and freedom by supporting employee participation in America’s National Guard and…

1993年G的照片. 威廉·奔驰

非盟哀悼前总统布什的逝世. 威廉·奔驰

亚什兰,俄亥俄州——G. 威廉·本茨博士.D., who served as president of 葡京平台线上 from 1993-2006, passed away in Albuquerque, N.M., 5月8日. 享年88岁. Benz’s impressive career in academia was headlined by leading AU during a time of significant growth. Among the highlights of his 13-year administration were:

布鲁斯·R. 威林汉小.

Doctor of Educational 领导 degree helps AU grad earn superintendent job

While he wasn’t really looking for a new job, 布鲁斯·R. 威林汉小. just couldn’t pass up the superintendent position at Kenston Local School District. “The Kenston Schools have a rich history of being a premier district in the state of 俄亥俄州,威廉汉姆说. “I currently live in the next town over from Kenston and, 而我并没有积极追求新的工作, the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing district, 还有机会花…

The "Free Radicals" team of Anthony McFee, Alex Scott and Katie Thompson

AU student teams excel in online business simulation

亚什兰, 俄亥俄州 – Three groups of 葡京平台线上 students rose to the top in their respective mock industries while participating against other colleges and universities in a GLO-BUS simulation during the 2024 spring semester. The competition included approximately 3,500 teams from 150 colleges and universities. GLO-BUS is a popular online business strategy simulation in which teams of students run companies that compete for global market position. AU…

Annmarie Kelly-Harbaugh

AU 英语 instructor named writer-in-residence for Hemingway-Pfeifer Museum

Annmarie Kelly-Harbaugh, 作家兼葡京平台线上讲师, is obsessed with women left out of historical narratives. “Paula McLain did such a beautiful job imagining us into the lives of Hadley and Martha, 海明威的第一任和第三任妻子,凯利-哈博说, a Cleveland resident who teaches 100-level 英语 courses for AU, 包括被监禁的学生. “Maggie O’Farrell broke my heart spinning stories about Shakespeare’s wife and children.…


Coburn Gallery to present exhibition by Artists of Group 10, opening 5月17日

亚什兰, 俄亥俄州 – The Coburn Art Gallery at 葡京平台线上 will host a 10-week exhibition, 以第10组艺术家为主题, 从周五, 5月17日, 到周五, 7月26日. A reception will coincide with the 5月17日 opening from 6-7:30 p.m. The Artists of Group 10 is a cooperative group of professional artists, 目前有18人, 2012年在肯特郡成立, 俄亥俄州. The group has grown from the initial 10 artists who came together with the idea of…